Intelligent Panel


1/ Energy consumption can be reported

2/ Motion sensing & Daylight harvest combined

3/ Widely used worldwide

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INTELLIGENT PANEL Smart control solutions  Energy saving  Human centric lighting  Wireless connected  PHILIPS SensorReady  Motion sensing & Daylight harvest combined  Energy consumption can be reported  Widely used worldwide  HARDWARES  EASYAIR SNS SENSOR  SET BY SMART PHONES  FUNCTIONS  The detection area for the movement sensor can be roughly divided into two parts:  Minor movement (person moving ≤ 0.9 m/s).  Major movement (person moving ≥ 0.9 m/s).   Height  Minor Movement  Major Movement   Note:Longer dimension of detection area (Y1, Y2) is parallel  to longer dimension of EasyAir SNS210 MC.  Full-On Sequence (Default)  Eco-On Level = Task Level    LIGHT LEVEL Eco-on level (configurable)  Background level  (configurable ) Fade t(fixo switedch on(Fixed) 

Hold time(configurable)  Grace fading(configurable)   Prolong time(configurable)   Fade to switch on (fixed)   Switch on sequence   Switch on sequence   Daylight sensing   The light sensor measures the total amount of light in a circular field of ≈ 80% of the PIR detection area. The following aspects  should be observed during installation:   Minimum distance from the window ≥ 0.6 m.   Prevent light reflections from outside entering the sensor (for example sunlight reflection on a car bonnet) as this will lead to incorrect light regulation.        As a guideline the formula 0.72 x H can be used to calculate the minimum distance between the window and sensor whereby H is the height from the bottom of the window to the ceiling.  Photosensor Spatial Response    Window  Light Fixture   Field of View 40˚  Typical Daylit Zone, about 3.6 m