Special Installation


1/ Tailored for Dampa ceiling

2/ Flickering free; Good for human eyes

3/ Brand LED; Life span reliable

4/ Balanced lighting performance

5/ PMMA LGP,UV resistant,no yellowing

6/ Welded frame; No light leakage

7/ Exclusive inner details for better reliability; Like LED protector,tracking code & UV solidity

Product Details

集成式详情页_01.jpg集成式详情页_02.jpg集成式详情页_03.jpg集成式详情页_04.jpg集成式详情页_05.jpgS18 LED Panel-Dampa  Tailored for Dampa ceiling  DAMPA ceiling is quite common in our daily life.DAMPA suspended metal ceiling solutions offer more than ordinary ceilings. Through a Form-Follows-Functionphilosophy, DAMPA ceilings combine features such as acoustics, fire safety, hygiene, climate control and lighting in a beautiful and environmentally friendly design. DAMPA provide a wide range of integrationpossibilities making it possible to accommodate the need for comfort in the room while staying trueto the intended appearance of architects and designers.S18 Dampa panel is tailored for this ceilin       LED panel with frame made of white RAL9016  painted aluminium alloy , opal diffuser,UV resistant,as standard.   KITCHEN/WASHROOM  Opal diffuser UV resistant UGR<22 CORRIDOR    Prismatic diffuser UV resistant UGR<19 OFFICE   USA imported anti-glare film UV resistant UGR<16 HEALTHCARE