CE RoHS Vangaurd

1/ 9 optics available

2/ UGG<19,no flickering,anti glare

3/ UP and down lighting

4/ Rotatable head

5/ USB Charging port


Product Details


Features  QLED inside for optional. Vivid visual enjoyment.  9 light distribution for option;UGR<13,UGR<6 as most suggested USB charging port for optional. Just right design. Independent control of direct & indirect light  High efficacy,up to 140lm/W

Photocell,Presence sensing,Rhythmatic lighting for optional  Totally different from antique stand light with fixed luminaire,  it is a big innovation for Vanguard that the luminaire is rotatable.  Users can adjust the luminaire to preferred angle.  With special design on luminaire,Vanguard can equip up to nine optical lens which   are all truly suitable for office desk lighting and atmosphere lighting.  Vanguard can automatically adjust its CCT & brightness with time and environment  to let users always stay in a comfortable & healthy lighting environment.  Besides,there is a USB charging port in the middle of light body with a   moderate distance from floor. This detail make it just right to users.  Innovation  Careful  Human centric  Smart   FLOOR STANDING LIGHT  We make innovations for a better life  LIGHT UP AND DOWN  Less direct light & more indirect light  ROTATABLE   Choose just right  Rotatable 180° HIGH COLOR PURITY No eye-fatigue. More pure color.  Enjoy a more vivid world from now  Flickering free   Healthy to human eyes CHARGING PORT  Keep powered anytime Vanguard cares about you in every detail.    Business affairs  Separate office  Administrative office  At home  Piano room  HUMAN CENTRIC  LIGHTING