BTHL Universal linear light with CE,RoHS,SAA

1/ QLED inside

Quantum dots tech,more vivid color; No tiring eyes. 

Experience a more colorful world from now.

2/ 13 optics for option

Round,rectangle,low UGR,asymmetric,etc.

3/ Comprehensive lighting system

Able to work with like spotlight,track light,exit sign & pendant light.

4/ Smart control eco-system

Brightness & color can be adjusted with time & environment to adapt people.

5/ Support various shapes

"L","X","T" shape connectors make it possible for various shapes at buildings.

Product Details

5-surface  UGR 22 UGR 19  UGR 13  UGR 6  Asymmetric  12° 24° 38° 50° 50X50° 70X70° 35X70° Guided by the principle of human centric lighting,Universal aims to deliver the most comfortable & healthy light to human beings at anytime. Combined with multiple controlsystem,like circadian rhythm lighting,Universal is able to automatically adjust CCT & brightness with the change of environment to release people's eye fatigue and improve people's body clock and circadian rhythm. ALUMINIUM PROFILE There are two types of aluminium profiles. Type A & Type B. Each has its own advantages. Type A is ideal for smart control & functions. Type B is ideal for long connection & maintenance. Type A profile Type A is all-in-one-shaped. Space enough to put various LED drivers both inside or outside.Emergency & intelligent wireless control available.Transition plate,as exclusivedesign,can play a role of driver holder,luminaire cover & track power supply.  Type B profile Type B is modularised.There are outer profile & inner profile.Able to disassemble from frontage.Thanks to the advantage,ideal for long connection.If any defects during connection,PCBA & LED driver can be replaced easily. Labor & Time saving.  DISTRIBUTION  Studied for more than five years to make Universal able to equip 13 different optical distributions  Opal,white/silver/black lourve,recessed aperture,  asymmetric PMMA,multi-surface;  Modular reflector/Modular lens.  Gen 1.0 optics 5-surface  UGR 22  UGR 19 UGR 13  UGR 6 Asymmetric  Gen 2.0 optics  Round spot 12° 24° 38° 50°  Rectangular 35X70° 50X50° 70X70°  Gen 1.0 optics   UGR22 Type E  Lens Opal  Optics UGR22  Beam angle 104° Material PMMA+PC   Length(Zhaga standard) 560/980/1120/1540/2240mm  UGR<19 Type G   Lens White louvre  Optics UGR19  Beam angle 73°  Material PMMA+PC  Length(Zhaga standard) 560/980/1120/1540/2240mm  UGR<13 Type H  Lens Black louvre  Optics UGR13  Beam angle66° Material PMMA+PC  Length(Zhaga standard) 560/980/1120/1540/2240mm  GUR<6Type T   Lens Aperture   Optics UGR6 Beam angle 43°  MaterialPC  Length(Zhaga standard) 560/980/1120/1540/2240mm  Gen 2.0 optics  Modular reflectors  Anti-glaring  Secondary  Holder  LEDChips  Structure diagram  Seven different beam angles to satisfy various lighting requirement  The luminaire size is determined by ZHAGA standard PCBAs for Gen 1.0,whose sizes are times of 140mm,  280mm & 560mm  Regarding Gen 2.0,luminaires sizes are determined by modular reflector,times of 38mm,as the unit width of a modular reflector.   White/Black/Silver as standard  Other colors Customizable THE PRODUCT COMPLIES WITH CE REQUIREMENTSFOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Universal can be suspended,surface mounted,wall mounted & recessed  with accessories. Linkable with extra connecting kits. Note: Connecting kits & other accessories to be ordered separately. Extruded aluminium alloy body with even white/black coating as standard.  Other colors customizable. COMPREHENSIVE  LIGHT SYSTEM  Stand alone or continuous link available Able to work with other lighting fixtures,like track linear lamp,track spotlight,pendant lamp,signs & sensors.Aiming to build up a comprehensive lighting systemfor various applications.  T connector X connector L connector Human vision affects our hormones, alertness, attention and fatigue, and also  determines our body clock and circadian rhythm. HCL is helpful to improve users working efficiency & save energy and with no additional investment. BTHL works with top LED lighting control manufacturers worldwide. Now we cooperate with Koolmesh, Casambi,Silvair and EnOcean to provide a wider range of Bluetooth lighting solutions.  Universal  Motion sensor Emergency control gear  Touch panel  Dimmer   Quick connection box  Partnership Gateway  Server  Suspended  Recessed  Wall mounted  Surface mounted  Open office  Suspended,White louvre,  UGR<19,4000K  Seamless connection  Decoration wall Recessed into false ceiling,  Asymmetric,4000K   Wallwasher  Automobile 4S store  Surface mounted,Opal lens,4000K