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  • Follow-up of project quality

    1/ Collect feedback from customers regularly to learn the later stage of projects

    2/ Timely find out and help solve various problems encountered in use

  • Handling customer complaints and suggestions

    1/ 24hours telephone available

    2/ Respond during 48hours if any product quality problem

    3/ Responsible to repair or replace defectives if any quality problem within warranty period

  • On the spot guidance

    1/ With lighting construction qualification,we can arrange engineering and technical personnel to guide on-site installation to ensure project progress and construction quality

    2/ Provide correct and sufficient technical service and training for product installation, performance test and acceptance

  • Solution design

    1/ Strong technical team support, solve all kinds of problems of products and applications

    2/ Deepen the drawings to provide the best intelligent lighting solution

    3/ Provide accessories profile requirements